Verizon World Edition BlackBerry Sucks

A malcontent customer's ravings about the evil corporation known as Verizon


Out of my three experiences with Verizon, this is the only one where Verizon did not break the law, they were just a pain in the ass. Verizon Sucks.


I was going on an extended sabbatical the first half of 2008, traveling the world a bit. I heard Verizon had a good international plan for the World Edition BlackBerry 8830. I purchase insurance for in the rough travels of a backpacker, who knew what might happen. Something did happen, though not due to my carelessness nor due to theft or any outside factor. Rather, the mouse on the blackberry stopped working along with a few buttons. I was happy that I purchased insurance. They would send out a new, shiny blackberry, right… Well, actually not. The world edition is made for world travelers, though if it breaks and you are out of the country, Verizon will not mail it to you. They will only mail to a location inside the United States! Sort of defeats the purpose of having insurance while outside of a country on a device made for traveling outside of the country. So, I had it mailed to my business where one of my employees activated the phone then mailed it to me. During the mailing I was without service, which was not too bad. I received the new blackberry and I was not able to activate a few features. I could use it for calls though other data features were not able to be used. I had to be back in the United States for that.

And after a couple of months I return home with the new blackberry…

A few months after that the same problems started appearing again! The mouse would not work along with a few buttons not working. Same thing again? A coincidence? Hmmmm. I am now on my third World Edition Blackberry. By the way, there is a $50.00 deductable on the insurance. You still have to pay! Though get the insurance because your BlackBerry world edition will probably break. In a few months I am canceling my contract and getting an IPhone. No more Verizon. Ever. Verizon Sucks!

Update 09/29/10:

GET THE iPHONE. I've had it coming up to a year and it blows away any phone I have ever had - nothing even comes close. And, unlike Verizon's Blackberry, it hasn't broke! Superb piece of engineering. Yah for Steve Jobs!


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