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Here is the letter I sent to the credit card company disputing the charges on my credit card. When a company representative promises you features in a product you are buying, and those features are not actually in the product, the company (in this case, Idearc, a spin off of Verizon) has defaulted on it's contract and can not charge you. Though, guess what happens... Idearc charges me. Verizon Sucks.


March 27, 2009

Capital One
ATTN: Repre Response
PO BOX 31275
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Re: xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx


Dear Capital One Services, LLC.:

I did authorize service to be provide, however the service promised by the Verizon sales representative, Lisa Cxxxxxxx, was NOT the service provided. From my understanding, Lisa was a new employee and was not fully aware of how the entire package worked, for what some of what she promised was not actually provided. I asked Lisa if I was able to change certain features such as the bold type or color of my ad on, which she said “yes”, I could. However after service started, I found that I was not able to do that or other things promised.

For a couple of months after service I tried to contact Lisa via email and phone to resolve this however had trouble reaching her. I tried to reach her supervisor, Robert Troncoso, and left message on his voice mail. I did finally receive a call from Lisa who said she was on vacation. However this does not account for the trouble contacting her I was having before her vacation – I did not ask about that cause I was so happy to finally reach her. Lisa and I called Verizon tech support who said what Lisa promised was not what I had received; I DO HAVE AN AUDIO RECORDING of this conversation proving that Verizon did not deliver what had been promised. Please advise where to send the audio. My office phone is or email I have the audio on a wav. file.

Good people make mistakes, so I tried to work with Lisa, though still had trouble reaching her after the tech support call. It is frustrating to try to resolve an issue when Verizon gives you the run around. Disputing the charge was a last resort. If Verizon is willing to deliver on what was originally promised, I will no longer dispute this charge.




Peeved off customer
Victim company ~ Owner


Update 09/09/09:

My business is receiving bills for the service that Idearc representative had promised but we had never received. So, at 10:34 am, I called the number on the bill: 1-800-269-3488

I Spoke with Shareaka whom I explained that what my sales representative, Lisa, had promised and what I received were two different things. Shareaka said it would be hard to prove that without a voice recording. I told her I had a voice recording. After my previous dealing with Verizon and Idearc, I take no chances. She said I would need to talk to Robert Troncoso, Lisa's manager. His phone is 972-518-2790.

Called Robert Troncoso and left message on voice mail. Waiting for a call back...

Update 11/16/09:

Have not received a call back from Robert Troncoso which was expected. However I did receive a call a few days after 09/09/09 from Clem Manning who was interested in why my company had not paid the balance. He said he was a specialty rep who was interested in hearing my experience. I was glad to hear him say to tell him everything, to "shoot from the hip". I explained my experience and referred to since this site had most of the documentation. He called a tech to see if they still had the recording of the service agreement for the issue with the Verizon Yellowpages. However the tech said they did not have it available. I already knew they would not because I tried requesting the same recording long before. It is interesting that when introducing himself to the Idearc tech that he slipped saying he was from "Credit..." then catching himself and saying "Specialty Rep". So Clem Manning was probably from the Credit Department. I didn't really care for I know I am 100% in the right and gladly referred him to He asked what he could do to have taken down. I replied I gladly would take down the website if they fired the Idearc Media employee who had placed the ad without my true consent in the Verizon Yellowpages Directory and fire the lady who harrassed me by saying "fuck you" when trying to collect for that ad. He said he would look into it. I have not heard back from him - this was about 2 months ago. I have received another bill trying to collect $36.47 for the superpages ad.

Update 01/13/10:

I've called Idearc Media a few times in the past about stop sending me bills, though I always received the run-around. Today I called again and to my sweet surprise they said the account had been closed and no more bills will be sent. Also, Idearc Media LLC has changed their name to Super Media LLC. Upon the news I rushed out to check the availability of though, as I suspected, it was already taken by… Idearc Media LLC. Registration info as follows:

Idearc Media LLC
Idearc Media LLC
2200 W. Airfield Drive P.O. Box 619810
DFW Airport TX 75261
US +1.9724536082 Fax: +1.9724536869

Domain Name:

Registrar Name:
Registrar Whois:
Registrar Homepage:

Administrative Contact:
Domain Administrator
Idearc Media LLC
2200 W. Airfield Drive P.O. Box 619810
DFW Airport TX 75261
US +1.9724536082 Fax: +1.9724536869
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Technical Administrator
Idearc Media LLC
2200 W. Airfield Dr. P.O. Box 619810
DFW Airport TX 75261
US +1.9724537512 Fax: +1.9724536642

Created on..............: 2009-03-19.
Expires on..............: 2014-03-19.
Record last updated on..: 2009-08-26.

Domain servers in listed order:

It's ok. I'm happy with The traffic is growing more rapidly that I expected, so word is getting out! Take that Super Media!!!


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