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A malcontent customer's ravings about the evil corporation known as Verizon and its demonic spawn, Super Media (formerly known as Idearc Media)


Verizon Sucks Ass. It really does. I would have had under the domain, however Verizon already owns that domain. So, it is! So why does Verizon Sucks Ass you inquire? Well, I am glad you ask. I have experienced the worse customer service in response to any company I have encountered. Verizon at times has even broken the law in how they treated me, their good customer. And what does a little guy like me do? Build a website of course; a website to warn others of the evils of Verizon.

Every experience I have had with Verizon has sucked ass. First, a Verizon representative had deviously placed my business listing in the Super Pages Yellow Book without my true consent. Second, Verizon's 8133 World Edition BlackBerry, though was a good international plan, is a defective piece of junk! Third, after signing up to for my business, the end product was not what the customer representative had presented to me. For more on this and how Verizon Sucks, click the links below:

Verizon Sucks directory
Verizon Sucks BlackBerry

Verizon representative, Zach Hobbs, deviously lies to get my business in the Verizon Directory without my true consent. Later Verizon's collectors use profanity while harassing me...


The 8830 World Edition BlackBerry will break (the same defect occurred to me multiple of times) and if you are on international travel you're screwed even with their "insurance"...

  The product that the Verizon representative promised and the product delivered were not the same. Buyer beware!  

The three instances above are my own experiences with Verizon. The ones below are former Verizon employees' admissions on how Verizon and Idearc Media scams it's customers:

"I am recent former employee of Idearc and you are correct it is a big corporate scam. The only way to cancel your account is by having it approved by the sales rep. But no sales rep will approve this because they have to payback the commission. So what they do is just ignore your calls, and the supervisors in sales are just very successful sales agents so they lose money to if they approve the cancel. But it runs much deeper than this, they lie to the employees and customers at every step of the way. The goal there is to sell and not support. When you call customer service they are required to try to sell you something first resolve the problem second. I couldn't get on board with the lies so i was pushed out. CORPORATE CROOKS"

Posted (around April 2007) by "Tony Shingletoes" in responce to a post at:

"Hi Guys i am a former Idearc employee and I can tell you that your stories are drop in the bucket compared to the fraud that Verizon yellow pages did to 4 Sunoco gas stations here in orlando and a major auto dealer they allowed close to 650.000 of bogus billing to be billed to them and then when they all complained they sent them to a collection agency and screwed up their credit, I warned the pres in a letter fax a year earlier in advance and they still let it go thru so the minute I screwed up they Idearc rolled me out for whistle blowing about the fraudlent billing"

Posted (October 1, 2007) by "Frank" in responce to a post at:



You know what else sucks almost as much as Verizon? Cleaning your home! Seriously. While Verizon may make you sad, hiring a maid service will make you happy. I've gotten to know a few cleaning services in my time. So I decided to list the best in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for you.

Let's start with Dallas. There is no better maid service than Dallas Maids! They've been around for a while so they have this cleaning thing down pat. Their customers rank their maids, so you get maids that have been vetted by real people. And that seems to be working because with the amount of awards this cleaning business has garnered, you know you will be getting the best maid service for your buck.

If you are west in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Grapevine and Irving area, then dial-up Dial A Maid. Catchy name, adorable logo, and thorough housecleaning. They are known as the “Cinderella” Scrubbers, and boast that their customers tell them they are the BEST.

If you are all the way north in the Denton area, then Maid in America are your peeps. Now don't let their website frighten you away. They are all about making your home sparkle and will bring a couple of decades in cleaning expertise to your home.

Be happy. Hire a maid service. It is a proper way to award yourself after cancelling your Verizon sucky service.


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